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Sydney Wine Tasting is a collaboration by David and Ben, a winemaker and a chef. After running a range of wine tasting events together, we realised that there was a huge gap in the market for an event that focused on properly matching wine and food together in a fun and informative way - after all, one is always better with the other. And so Sydney Wine Tasting was born. 


David Messum

David Messum is a winemaker, wine marketeer, and presenter. He is the winemaker at Born & Raised Wines, a wine brand that follows his love of Italian wine varieties and minimal intervention winemaking across Victoria’s unique vineyards. David has worked in vintages in New Zealand, and has hunted out the winemaking secrets of Nebbiolo, his favourite variety, in its homeland Piedmont.

David is also the founder of wine, food and hospitality marketing agency, Just the Drop where he works with some of Australia’s most exciting wine and lifestyle brands and has seen articles published in Wine Business Magazine. Not content with making and marketing wine, he also talks about wine, as the wine guy on Fairfax Media and Virgin Australia’s What’s Cooking radio show, as well as hosting corporate tasting events and trade training programs. When not thinking about wine, you’ll find him out riding his bike or planning the next overseas eating and drinking expedition.

David Messum, founder of Sydney Wine Tasting, winemaker at Born & Raised Wines, wine marketeer and presenter.

Ben Horne

Having started his career in five star hotels its little surprise that Ben knows a thing or two about the proper way of cooking. A firm believer in old school culinary arts, Ben honed his profession all over the world before returning to Sydney as Executive Chef for Icebergs Restaurant group.

Working in such refined high-end kitchens provided the chance to source and hunt down the finest produce from the very best suppliers Australia has to offer. His appreciation and interest in high quality, sustainable farming and produce grew.  

With an eye on Ayurvedic practices and sustainable food production, Ben makes food that fuels and heals us. It’s also bloody tasty, as any of our wine tasting guests would agree to. Today, when not running the kitchen at Manly’s Ruby Lane, he can be found matching dishes to the constant flow of wine provided by David or speaking about food and its natural importance in today’s busy and time poor lifestyles

Ben Horne, co-founder of Sydney Wine Tasting and chef.